specialises in providing seasonal labour in and around the UK

Agricultural Service:

If you work in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, you will know it’s an industry like no other – and while it means every day is different, the ups and downs of farm work can seem to conspire against you when it comes to managing your workers. Here at Fusion Personnel, our years of experience in the field of food production and processing mean that we can offer one thing no-one else can - results.

With nearly twenty-five years of experience, Fusion Personnel Limited specialises in providing seasonal labour in and around the UK – and when almost 75% of the country dedicated to farm land, as well as over 250,000 farm businesses, the scope for agricultural and horticultural opportunities is endless. The only problem seems to be finding the willing workers.

A problem which is exacerbated when you consider work is readily available over the summer but lacking over the colder months, making retaining competent farm hands a challenge. As such, agency workers turn out to be an important investment as they can work elsewhere in the lull, before they return year on year to pick again. Here at Fusion Personnel, we endeavour to keep your regulars on hand for whenever you need them, meaning you never need to waste time and money training up rookies again.